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Sale "EZ Flow" Aloe Detox

"EZ Flow" Aloe Detox

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(Same "Ease")

An All Natural Laxative that stimulates the colon muscle

Stimulates the colon by way of peristalsis, a natural wave-like contraction . This is unlike harsh chemicals that have an irritating effect and may “hit” you at inopportune times. In fact, it’s a common complaint for many individuals to not have a daily bowel movement during the weight loss program. Having a regular bowel movement daily is essential to properly eliminate waste, toxins and to help you lose weight. It is a safe, natural, non-addictive, non-irritating laxative formulated to assist in cleansing of the bowels. There is strong scientific evidence in support of the laxative properties of aloe based on the cathartic properties of anthroquinone glycosides found in aloe.