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Healthy System USA possesses a collection of all-natural, homeopathic products that help you optimize your health.

These include:

  • Healthy Start Spray – A natural fat metabolizer.
  • B-12 Primo – The best source of methylcobalamin B-12.
  • EA Boost – A collection of energy-boosting and appetite-supporting vitamins.
  • EZ Flow – A colon detox product.
  • VitaPro MAX – The juice of 42 fruits and vegetables, creating an amazing multivitamin.

These products help you achieve optimal health and prevent debilitating diseases. Use the Healthy Start Spray three times in the morning and three times before bed, and your body will use your own fat to nourish you. In other words, you can adopt a caloric restrictive diet without fear of hunger and moodiness.

Healthy Systems USA – Weight Loss System

The body has three types of fat:

  • Structural – Essential to support your organs.
  • Normal – A reserve of fuel that the body uses when dietary intake is below daily caloric expenditure.
  • Excess/Stored fat – Unwanted, unsightly, and dangerous.

To lower the levels of the third type, all you need is 6 sprays – 3 in the morning and 3 before bed. By spraying the product under your tongue, it gets absorbed via the sublingual route, which is very effective. Within a few minutes, the product will be all over your body, including the hypothalamus (i.e., the center of metabolism). Our Healthy Start Spray triggers our bodies to release nutrition from our Fat to feed us. So you’re being fed up to 2000 calories from your fat ie: blood vitamins, minerals, nutrients from your fat cells. This allows you to go on our low calorie diet without starving or feeling hungry.

For optimal results, binge on caloric-dense foods for 3 days to prevent your brain from entering starvation mode and slowing down your metabolism. After that, restrict your caloric intake to 600–800 calories per day. Need help to achieve this goal?

Check out the outline in our manual.

Once you enter day 4, you should start losing up to 1 pound of body fat per day. Without the spray, the low intake of calories will have a toll on your body, making you feel hungry, moody, and exhausted.

We witnessed the joy in tens of thousands of people who experienced significant fat loss with little to no muscle mass waste.

Losing Fat Can Be a Life-Changing Experience! Believe Us!

Sticking to the instructions correctly will positively impact your metabolism center – The Hypothalamus. This will make your liver and muscle cells more efficient at burning fat, gracing you with permanent weight loss.

The best part is that you don’t have to push yourself hard when exercising. In fact, we recommend that you stick to low-impact exercises to avoid stimulating your sugar cravings!

Your Dream Body is Only a Few Steps Away!

There is a common misbelief that restricting your calories to 600-800 per day will inevitably lead to weight loss. While there is some truth to this statement, the lost weight may consist of water, muscle mass, and structural fat. That’s not what you want to burn! You need to burn abnormal fats. You will also feel miserable, hungry at all times, and exhausted!

This is why our program works! We promote weight loss by stimulating the lipolysis of abnormal fat. As a result, you will get rid of unhealthy fatty acids and benefit from the energy generated during their catabolism.

HSUSA Weight Loss Manual

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