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The Dead-End Cycle of Dieting

Most people tried a diet program before. Some even adopted several programs. What these people have in common is failing to achieve any noticeable results.

Today, marketers promote weight loss via dieting pills and appetite suppression. Unfortunately, these methods often lead to losing lean muscle mass. The results can also be tricky, especially when all you lose is water weight, not fat stored in adipose tissues.

Severe caloric restriction is also a bad idea! Your body will activate survival mode, where the liver starts breaking down structural fats and muscle protein. You will feel moody, hungry, exhausted, and outright miserable. This is why people give up on this type of diet after a few weeks.

Between trying new diets and failing to see real results, a vicious cycle is created.

CEO / Owner Steve Fitch Lost 27 Pounds

Healthy Systems USA tried to break the wheel. By stimulating your body to burn abnormal fats, you can lose up to 2,000 calories per day. For reference, 7,000 calories equal around 1 kilogram of fat.

Want to take your results to the next level? Choose a moderate caloric restrictive diet. Do not deprive yourself since it will only lead to hunger and moodiness.

Remember that burning abnormal fats produces energy, allowing your body to function without external dietary intake.

Want proof of action? Check out the before and after photos of our CEO, Steve Fitch, who managed to lose 27 pounds in 30 days. That’s almost one pound per day! While this is impressive and all, there is one important question to ask – Did Steve gain the weight back? The answer is NO.

Are you as excited as we are? Let’s start this journey to burn fat and live healthy!

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