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Researchers found that excess body fat can cause trouble sleeping, energy decline, and chronic fatigue. Besides that, studies found that obesity increases the risk of the following diseases:

Heart attacks and stroke.

Chronic High blood pressure.

Type ll Diabetes.

Sleep apnea.



Heart attacks and stroke.

Gallbladder disease (e.g., gallstones).

A Weightloss Program That Actually Works!
*Since 2010

Lose up to 1 pound of fat per day and keep it off.

Yes! It really works!

After more than 13 years in the business, we managed to help thousands of people lose weight, prevent debilitating diseases, and gain control back! People just like you!

Healthy Systems USA has one motto – Optimizing the health of Americans and helping them achieve their fullest potential when it comes to physical and mental wellbeing. We mainly focus on natural ways to promote weight loss and prevent disease. Each time one of our clients reaches their health goals, we can see the energy and passion sparkling in their eyes. Most of them say they haven’t felt this way since they were kids! Aside from losing weight, our clients who dealt with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, and high blood pressure, all reported significant improvement in their lab results. They also experienced incredible clinical improvement.



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  We’ve helped thousands of people lose weight across the Country since 2010.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how Healthy Systems USA works

Yes, the program is safe and time tested. The use variations of our type of program haven have been in effect since the 1920′s, but its procedure in regards to weight loss has been used since the 1950′s. We do not advocate or use prescription diet pills as they simply “speed” your metabolism and most individuals complain of chest pain, and that they feel jittery and anxious. In addition, patients have a loss of appetite so they lose weight because they are not eating. They are not losing “fat” but they are many times just losing water and muscle. Once the patient discontinues the diet pills, most individuals simply regain the weight. Our Healthy Systems USA weight loss system works at addressing obesity by way of a healthy nutrient dense diet and the use of our products to target and release the secondary fat reserves.
Yes. We encourage you to continue to take your medications as most of our patients have obesity related conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. We find that good quality vitamins enhance the individual’s health and improve weight loss. Our staff will work with you and your current Primary Care Physician.
No. This is not an Rx diet pill like Phentermine. Most programs that cause heart palpitations, jittery sensations, or affect sleep are stimulant based programs which have an end goal of suppressing hunger. Our program’s goal is for you to lose “fat” while nourishing your body all while being on a nutritious, healthy, low calorie diet.
We have 25-30 day and 50-60 day programs available. You can choose the program which best fits your weight loss goals.
The average male patient loses up to 1 pound of fat per day. The average female patient loses up to 1/2 to 3/4 pounds of fat per day.
No. Our program will assist your body into using nutrients stored in your abnormal fat deposits to nourish and feed you. Therefore you won’t experience the physiological or psychological hunger. In the first 3 days of your low calorie diet you might experience cravings (mental hunger) because your body is removing toxins. If this were to happen, your nurse or medical assistant can provide you with a non-stimulant appetite support.
No. You are not required to exercise to see results on this program. In fact, we ask that our patients limit themselves to non-strenuous exercise (walking, stretching, swimming, yoga) while they are on the program.

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