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Welcome to Healthy Systems USA, the Most Amazing Weight Loss System available.

Our Amazing Weight Loss System includes the All Natural Homeo-Energetic “Advance” Spray, “Endure” B-12 Methylcobalamin and “Lean, energy & appetite support vitamins and “Ease, an aloe detox.

It’s really very simple … Just a three sprays of the “Advance” Spray under your tongue when you wake up and three sprays when you go to bed, this formula triggers your brain into releasing nutrition from your FAT to feed you. Now you can go on a low calorie diet of Fruits, Vegetables and Proteins and NOT be hungry.


Jump start your weight loss & Lose Fat…
Live Healthy !

Our goal at Healthy Systems USA is to help our customers achieve their highest potential in terms of their overall health – helping them to manage their health through the most natural methods possible. We have seen firsthand how coming from a place of better health endows our clients with renewed energy and a passion for life they have not experienced for many years. As an added bonus, many of our customers with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes see a significant improvement in these chronic medical conditions. Individuals with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes often see significant improvements in their lab values and a noticeable improvement with both their blood pressure and blood sugar readings.

Interview with Steven Fitch on “Your Life Idaho”


Please watch this short 4 minute video.
It will explain why this is the Most Amazing
Weight Loss System available.

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*(Disclaimer) "Spray Your Fat Away is the registered name of our weight loss company. It does not imply or mean to imply that you can simply Spray Your Fat Away without following our complete protocol which includes a very specific low calorie diet of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins
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